Birria Tacos

One of the most popular dishes around at the moment is Birria Tacos.

Here is my version of the popular dish. If you are keen with a box of the core ingredients for this dish including the tortillas, chillis in adobo sauce, birria spice mix and the chillis. Drop me an email and I will forward you all the details.


Birria Tacos


1 kg beef chuck or lamb.

Season the meat with salt and pepper 


Mexican Oregano

Birria Spice Mix


Bay Leaves

Cinnamon Sticks



Remove the seeds carefully from the ancho and guajillo chillies. 

Cut into pieces. Saute in a warm pan for a few minutes to release the natural oils.  (not too long, don’t let it change colour or burn)

Add ½ litre of warm water to the chilli,

1 small onion chopped into 4 

2 cloves of garlic

Simmer until everything softens. 

Add to a blender with the spice packet and

-2 tbl tomato puree 

-½  tin of the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. 

Liquidise till smooth. 

Add to meat and you can marinate overnight if you are able to. 

If not, continue to the next step. 



Saute 1 finely chopped onion in an ovenproof pot until fragrant. 

Add your whole spices, the meat, 1 TBL of vinegar, a dash of worcestershire sauce and enough hot water to cover the meat.

Cook in a preheated oven (170 degrees celsius) for 4 hours or until the meat is very tender. If you find the sauce thickening too quickly just add extra water. 

You can also add the meat to a pressure cooker and cook until soft

If you have a slow cooker add the meat in and cook for 5-6 hours

On the stove pot, simmer on low until the meat gets very soft and tender, top with water as needed so it doesn’t scorch or burn. This should take around 4 hours. 


Before serving 

Dice 1 white onion

Slice some lemons 

Chop coriander 

Grate any white cheese (tussers or mozzarella works best)

Remove the meat and bones from the sauce and shred until fine. 

Remove the whole spices. 

Heat a skillet (or a flat toaster)

You can strain the sauce if needed. 

Dip each tortilla on both sides in the extra fat from the sauce (if you did not use fatty meat and you don’t have too much oil in your sauce simply add some sunflower oil to your skillet or toaster. 

Add the meat, cheese, coriander and onions. 

Flip over and allow the cheese to melt before serving immediately. 

You can serve the additional sauce on the side, topped with onions and coriander, as a dipping sauce for the birria. 



-The dish may seem overpowering and completely different to the spices we are used to, don’t panic. Everything comes together at the end. 


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    1. Hi,

      They can be purchased via Azteca based in Midrand. They have excellent service and deliver as well. Alternatively pop me and email and I will send you what I have on hand.

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