A Podcast for Muslim Widows

A few months back I started a series on my radio show focusing on widows in our community. Losing a husband is not an easy experience. Widowhood come with lots of challenges both physical and emotional. I have learnt so much from these women who so bravely shared their stories on air. These episodes contain lessons on loss, love, and faith and how to move on when are met with challenges in life.


Episode 1: Faaiza Panchbhai

Episode 2: Afsha Fatima Mahomed

Episode 3: Zakiyya Bhayat Valli Mahomed

Episode 4:  Marhooma Muallima Shamiela Jappie

Episode 5: Amina Jamal

Episode 6: Fatima Waja

Episode 7: Nazeera Jacob


Episode 8: Sharifa Ahmed

Episode 9: Mariam Choonara

Episode 10: Fatima Bhaba


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