Chilli Shakshuka Recipe

Weekends are for brunch and there is nothing better than this spicy, chilli shakshuka for a lovely winters morning. I’ve tweaked this recipe over the years and I prefer it with a range of chilli for spice and taste. I purchase the mixed bag of chillies from my local Checkers and use that for variation. You can choose to omit the chilli if you’re adverse to spicy foods. I also double cook the eggs, steamed first in the tomato chutney and again under the grill of the oven because I cannot eat my eggs runny and prefer them quite firm. Quantities are approximate and you can add more or less according to preference. Check out the Krea SA page for stockists of their range of spices.

Chilli Shakshuka


1 large onion sliced

Minced garlic

Sliced red and green chillis sliced lengthwise, deseed if needed

Sliced green, red & yellow peppers (optional)

1 can of diced tomato





Krea Egg Spice


Heat some ghee in a pan, add cumin seeds and onion.

Saute until translucent, add the garlic, a tiny bit of chilli paste, peppers and the sliced chillis.

Add the tomato and simmer.

Season with salt, ground black pepper, the egg spice, and a generous pinch of sugar.

At this point I also add chilli flakes but this is purely optional.

Simmer until all the spices are well incorporated into the sauce, check seasoning before making gaps in the sauce and cracking an egg into the gaps.

You don’t want the sauce too thick before adding the eggs, if it does thicken too quickly add a dash of warm water to thin out.

I put the pan under a hot grill for a few minutes to set the eggs.

Garnish with fresh coriander and serve with crusty bread to mop up the tasty sauce.

I usually also serve this with sliced avos because, millennial.






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