My Favourite Podcasts: January 2019

Well we made it through all 94 days of January 2019 and it was quite an interesting month. I got back on air after a 2 week break and commenced season 8 of Lifestyle on the 7th of January. We had the loveliest holiday and I came back fresher and with more ideas on how to tackle my show. My motto for this year is to create content, quality content that I would love to engage with and listen to.

On the home front I was settling my not so little boy into grade 4. A wonderful drop off in December by Dreamlab stationery made settling into the new school year so much easier. Their stationery is of really good quality (I hate stationery shopping but I know good quality vs poor quality stationery #growingupbroke). Please check them out and the best part is you can shop online!

I know its a bit late but all the best to everyone for the new school/ work year. May it be successful and prosperous.

Here are my favourite podcasts for January. Enjoy!

Moetivation chats about Mental and Physical Wellness

I am rarely surprised when doing an interview. I reached out to Moetivation after seeing his presence on social media, I expected a usual interview on health and fitness especially since its January and everyone and their dadi wants to go on a healthy kick. What transpired was an interview on mental wellness, meditation and the importance of looking after yourself emotionally. The response to this interview was overwhelming and I am so glad that I started the year interviewing such a phenomenal guest.

The Benefits of Homeschooling

Tasneem Abdulhak the co-director and an educator at the Ilmun-naafiah Tuition Centre discusses homeschooling in South Africa and what you need to know about homeschooling your kids.

The Importance of Financial Independence for Muslim Women

Naseera Turkey one of the most inspiring women I have met and a finance maverik was a guest on my show. We discussed debt relief, financial independence and freedom and how we can liberate ourselves from financial stress. This was an important chat directed especially at Muslim women, many who find themselves at the mercy of their spouses when it comes to navigating their finances.


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