My Favourite Podcasts: Oct- Nov 2018

Did anyone see November flash by? This was another busy, intense month. Things are winding down slightly on my show but at the same time I have really enjoyed the themes set out by our programme managers. Here are some notable podcasts.

Can entrepreneurship be the answer to unemployment?

We dedicated a week to job creation and fighting unemployment. Listen to my chat with Nooreen Patel from the Muslim Youth Council of Entrepreneurs , we tackled the topic of starts ups and carving your space as an entrepreneur.

The Muslimah Cycle App

A comprehensive app designed with a doctor and aalimah to allow you the opportunity to track your menstruation cycle and keep track of missed fasts etc. Fatima Kaka the founder of the app chats about the inspiration behind the Muslimah’s Cycle.

Interviewing Fatima Juma

An interview that had me in tears. Fatima Juma talks about the loss of her daughter Ayesha, where she draws strength and her recent trip to Lebanon to assist Syrian refugees.

The Smile Laboratory

Dynamic sister duo Lutffiya and Ammaarah Seedat discuss their aromatherapy slime start up and how they’re giving back to the community.

Interviewing Suraiya Nawab

I interview one of my personal heroes aunty Suraiya Nawab, listen to her chat about her cancer surival story and how she used her own experiences to empower others.

The Power of Makeup

Whether you choose to wear it or not, make up can be empowering. Listen to my chat with Nabeelah Jamal (@belleartistry) as we discuss the power of make up and her favourite products and application techniques.

Is intermittent fasting the key to better health?

Professor Celene Bernstein discusses the numerous health benefits associated with intermittent fasting.


Life as Syrian refugee

On my humanitarian trip to Turkey last year, I met Hadeel Al Faraj a Syrian refugee who became a dear friend. Listen to her chat about her life in Turkey, the humanitarian work she does and how life used to be in Syria before the war.

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