The Pink High Tea 2018

Here is a recipe for a successful event in aid of charity and the deliciously, beautiful outcome when women support each other for the greater good.

To start off identify 2 worthy causes

The Pink Dress Campaign is a campaign close to my heart. In 2016 we recieved a message via a sister called Laila Cajee about a little girl in Gaza who wanted a pink dress for Eid. This resulted in a fundraising campaign with Cii Projects that led to a viral campaign and enabled us to clothe children in Gaza (through SAWAED), Syria (through the assistance of Syria Relief UK) and we provided clothing to children locally. The campaign is in its 3 year.

The second beneficiary was the Baitul Halima Orphanage in Ennerdale. The Baitul Haleema Orphanage will become a one of its kind orphanage in South Africa.
It is based on the model of Tiny Hearts Village built by the IHH on the border of Turkey and Syria.

The orphanage will cater for 104 orphans
1 house mother
8-10 orphans in one Villa
4 bedrooms
Dinning area
And study area.

A South African National Women’s Forum initiative was to fund a villa for the orphans.


Back to the recipe:

Add 1 remarkable Dr Faheema Ismail Ravat who was the Ameera of the project. 

Add another Dr Fatima Bhaba, a cancer survivor, a brilliant Dr, and all round wonder woman.

A integral ingredient was the SANMWF, guided by the pillars chairperson Hawa Patel and Shamshaad Sayed

Another key to our successful recipe was the fantastic Yasmin Akoo and her team from the Image Lifestyle Centre in Fordsburg.

Stir this together 

Now add a viral social media campaign (#atouchofpink)

A dash of Sumie Akoojee

The outpouring of generosity from vendors and small businesses towards the decor, food and auction

An excellent line up including hijab stylists and make up artists, Nina Hesties as comedy relief


Bake this project for 3 weeks until 650 tickets are sold.

And enjoy an event so successful and frosted in a hundred shades of pink, where every single cent was donated to a good cause.

A special thank you to every single person who made this event a success


The gorgeous entrance table
The Image Lifestyle Centre team did a superb job with the decor
Each table was decorated in shades of pink
ABSA purchased a table at the Pink High Tea
Dr Faheema Ismail Ravat, Atieyya Baker, Dr Fatima Bhaba & Safeera Kaka
Pink High Tea Ameera Dr Faheema Ismail Ravat and SANWMF Chairperson Hawa Patel
Waseema from the @stylexplora gave a lovely hijab demonstration
Popular South African comedienne Nina Hesties had the crowd in stitches
Mrs South Africa 2016 Candice Abrahams assisted with the lucky draws
A beautiful sweet hamper that was one of many sponsored items for the auction. Items exceeding 100k in value were sponsored for the auction.
The event also included the Image Makers 2018 awards
MC’ing the event.


Thank you to everyone who made this event a resounding success!


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