Yellow Lentil and Sweet Corn Fritters

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I made these on a rainy, lazy summer afternoon where we wanted something to munch on. Being January, that something had to be budget friendly and low in carbs. I was actually craving verde (a lentil cutlet) that my gran-in-law makes but unfortunately upon opening my grocery cupboard, all I had a jar of mug ni dhar (split yellow lentils) staring back at me. I love lentils for their versatility and their ability to absorb flavours, but mug ni dhar is the one lentil I call the ugly step sister of the lot. It lacks the smooth, deliciousness of green mugh or the flavour and finesse of masoor. I tried to cook mug ni dhar many times but quite frankly I found it bland and uninteresting, that is until I decided to give this humble lentil a makeover.

These pancake like fritters (is that even a thing?!) are utterly delicious. Don’t over blitz the ingredients in the food processor because you still want to have a bit of texture from the lentils when you bite into the fritters. These yield quite a bit so save extras for breakfast and serve topped with some scrambled eggs.


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Calorie Slasher:

The sweetcorn can be eliminated, though you might want to add some milk if the mixture is too thick.

If you use a good quality non-stick pan you will just need a light touch of ghee.

The creme fraiche can be replaced with Greek yogurt.








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