Chocolate Mousse and Cherry Cream Pots

I love cherries. Its one of my (few) favourite fruits and that’s why I am so ecstatic this time of the year when they are in season. Cherries are best eaten as is or dipped into some deliciously, dark chocolate but they are very versatile and work very well in a dessert. 

I made this dessert in a rush with whatever ingredients I had with me. Next time though, I would make the chocolate mousse with a darker chocolate for a more intense taste. Keep all the components separate and assemble just before serving. 


[yumprint-recipe id=’3′]_DSC0143

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  1. Slms safeera.. Loving ur recipes! Can’t wait to try them 😀 eez thr a way to follow ur blog by email? Wouldn’t want 2 miss any of ur yummy recipes.. 😛

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