Chilli Lime Crayfish Tails

I think this is a delicious if not decadent recipe that I would love to share with you as I come back to the world of food blogging. I missed sharing my food adventures with the world, and it has been quite an interesting few years since I stopped blogging somewhere in 2011. My passion for cooking was lost amid all our possessions as we packed our belongings for an umpteenth time and went on an arduous journey of house hunting. I managed to rediscover that passion this year when we moved into our new home and I caved into my nurturing, nest building side. I also found my cooking style became slightly more refined as I spent days and nights learning about different types of cuisine and techniques in food preparation (I blame this on my obsession with the MasterChef Australia series!) I have been sharing tidbits of my kitchen adventure via Instagram. I’m going to share some of those recipes so I apologise in advance for the over- filtered, poor quality of the pics. 

Now, please don’t judge me and think we dine on crayfish and caviar everyday! In the frenzy of Eid shopping we purchased  crayfish and I left it in the freezer for a day in which it would be more appreciated (Eid day with its beryani and reflux was not going to be that day!)

I prepared these on a warm summer afternoon when we spent the entire day in the pool and the last thing I wanted was to stand in front of a hot stove. We braaied the crayfish over some hot coals and it literally took minutes to cook.

 My verdict on my first experience of eating crayfish? Absolutely divine! It is most definitely an indulgence, so I will probably make this around Eid of if I’m entertaining *very* special visitors.



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  1. Much yayness around your return to this space:) I enjoyed the food experiences you used to share on Food24 and look forward to reading and trying out more of your recipes. Filing this one for a special day!

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