The Pink High Tea 2018

Here is a recipe for a successful event in aid of charity and the deliciously, beautiful outcome when women support each other for the greater good. To start off identify 2 worthy causes The Pink Dress Campaign is a campaign close to my heart. In 2016 we recieved a message via a sister called Laila Cajee Read More

Beauty Purchases I Regret

I was recently clearing out my make up drawers and came across the purchases I sorely regret. I purchased these items on the recommendation of beauty gurus others were just impulsive buys.  A disclaimer, these are my own experiences with these products and your views might differ, I thought I would share my experiences to Read More

Classic Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love a classic cheesecake? Soft, tangy, velvety and just melt- in- your- mouth delicious. Since I was a child this has remained one of my favourite desserts. I tried every recipe you can find and over the years I managed to find the recipe to perfect cheesecake. 2019 update: I am still baking Read More

Back to Basics- Chocolate Cupcakes

This post in one of the first in a series I am calling – Back to Basics. I am going to draw on the expertise of the people who taught me to cook (my mum, gran and the Internet) . I noticed that I have a lot of younger readers and beginner cooks who message Read More

Yellow Lentil and Sweet Corn Fritters

Click here for the recipe   I made these on a rainy, lazy summer afternoon where we wanted something to munch on. Being January, that something had to be budget friendly and low in carbs. I was actually craving verde (a lentil cutlet) that my gran-in-law makes but unfortunately upon opening my grocery cupboard, all Read More

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