My 2018

I don’t know what 2019 will hold, I’m hoping it will be a blessed year (iA). One thing I am certain about is that for as long as I live, I will never forget 2018. It was a painful, difficult, exhausting year but faith got me through it. I was inspired by Nafisa’s year in review Read More

My Favourite Podcasts: Oct- Nov 2018

Did anyone see November flash by? This was another busy, intense month. Things are winding down slightly on my show but at the same time I have really enjoyed the themes set out by our programme managers. Here are some notable podcasts. Can entrepreneurship be the answer to unemployment? We dedicated a week to job Read More

The Sourdough Chronicles

I have always been fascinated with the art of making yeast based doughs. My experience started from a young age (I was 8 or 9) when I made a proper pizza dough. My aunt attended a course hosted by Snowflake flour  kitchen and I used some of the recipes she got from the course. My Read More

Miles of Smiles – The Mohsin Project Brunch

October was a whirlwind for me, actually scratch that this entire year was a crazy whirlwind. I was scheduled for a very important surgery in the beginning of the month (surgery I was putting off for 3 YEARS!).  I eventually got it done and to say the post operative care was rough is an understatement. Read More

My Favourite Podcasts: Sep-Oct 2018

Here is a list of notable or interesting interviews I conducted the last 2 months, I am hoping I will get a chance to regularly upload so you can enjoy some of the hits from my radio show.   Fordsburg Reunion 2018 The community of Fordsburg hosted reunion for all their former residents. Listen to Read More

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