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A Guide to Affordable Skin Care in South Africa- The Inkey List & The Ordinary

My skin has been through alot the last year. From having Covid to struggling with extremely dry skin this winter I was ready to change up my usual skincare routine. Nafeesa from Zanya Medispa & Aesthetics always takes excellent care of my skin. I highly recommend a skincare consultation with her so that you can Read More

Your 2020 Skincare Goals

This article was first published  in first in the Ayana Magazine blog. We’re officially in a new decade, welcome to 2020. We’re also in the midst of January which means, everyone is doing their resolutions and setting goals for the new year. I don’t know about you but better skin is a definite goal for Read More

Your Ultimate Guide to Affordable Makeup in South Africa

After the immense popularity of my post on affordable skincare in South Africa, I decided to dedicate a post to affordable make up in SA drugstores. Our drugstores are Dischem and Clicks, Takealot and Superbalist also stock many makeup brands in this post. I have noticed over the last 5 years or so SA stores  Read More

A Guide to Affordable Skin Care in South Africa

Skincare has always been important, I think now so more then ever because of the popularity of social media. Beauty gurus prep their skins extensively with expensive elixirs in preparation for flawless makeup application. Scrolling through Instagram and infleucers are always raving about products and treatments. But, the reality is that is this accessible to Read More

Beauty Purchases I Regret

I was recently clearing out my make up drawers and came across the purchases I sorely regret. I purchased these items on the recommendation of beauty gurus others were just impulsive buys.  A disclaimer, these are my own experiences with these products and your views might differ, I thought I would share my experiences to Read More