Author: Safeera

Classic Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love a classic cheesecake? Soft, tangy, velvety and just melt- in- your- mouth delicious. Since I was a child this has remained one of my favourite desserts. I tried every recipe you can find and over the years I managed to find the recipe to perfect cheesecake. 2019 update: I am still baking Read More

Back to Basics- Chocolate Cupcakes

This post in one of the first in a series I am calling – Back to Basics. I am going to draw on the expertise of the people who taught me to cook (my mum, gran and the Internet) . I noticed that I have a lot of younger readers and beginner cooks who message Read More

Yellow Lentil and Sweet Corn Fritters

I made these on a rainy, lazy summer afternoon where we wanted something to munch on. Being January, that something had to be budget friendly and low in carbs. I was actually craving verde (a lentil cutlet) that my gran-in-law makes but unfortunately upon opening my grocery cupboard, all I had a jar of mug Read More

Dodhi Halwa with Raspberry Cream and Pecans

I love dodhi halwa. Perhaps not the ideal thing to eat at this time of the year when we are all about clean eating and excersise. This rich, creamy almost burfee like halwa reigns supreme in the sweet starter catergory, so much so that my mum actually cooked this halwa for our wedding day. This Read More

Chocolate Mousse and Cherry Cream Pots

I love cherries. Its one of my (few) favourite fruits and that’s why I am so ecstatic this time of the year when they are in season. Cherries are best eaten as is or dipped into some deliciously, dark chocolate but they are very versatile and work very well in a dessert.  I made this Read More

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